Auray was born from a vision to create and gift this world stunning jewelry for womyn to adorn and empower themselves with. 

Auray is inspired from the word array, which has multiple meanings. 

As a noun, an Auray is an impressive display of a particular type of thing, such as an array of jewelry. As a verb it means to arrange things in a particular way.

“The forces arrayed to empower her” 

Auray also includes the word “aura”, which is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place, or thing. Or in other words the spirit of something.

This is the backbone of the creation process of each piece of jewelry. The understanding that objects in and of themselves contain an “aura”, and that this very aura can be carried within the jewelry to add something beautiful to the lives of the wearer. Once the wearer begins to adorn themselves, the aura and spirit  of the jewelry continues to grow, as it absorbs the atmosphere, qualities, and intentions  that it is surrounded by. 

The word Auray also includes the word ray. Each piece of jewelry is like a ray of light. Auray is a luminous body reflecting, shining, radiant. The jewelry literally glows, as the metal dances with rays of light. 

The word Auray is also inspired from my daughter Aureliana who is my inspiration, and a guiding star in my life. I hope when you wear an Auray design, it brings that feeling of inner radiance and inspiration into your world.