Chazlynn was born and raised in the heartland of Nebraska where she first discovered her love for making jewelry.  While in high school she took jewelry making classes, and had a small jewelry business selling to family and friends.  This passion eventually gave her the freedom to travel as she explored the open road of the United States, Europe and Hawaii. 

She put down the craft for some years as she focused on other things, including growing a family and having two children.  While pregnant with her daughter Aureliana, she became inspired to make jewelry once again, and acknowledged the joy this brought into her life. During the pregnancy the desire to create and share beauty in the form of jewelry was re-birthed, and therefore the company Auray is named after her.

Since 2008 Chazlynn has lived in Nevada City Ca, or also known as “Oustomah” by the native Nisenan Maidu tribe who were the original people of the land.  To learn more about, or to support the Nisenan people go HERE.  

Chazlynn became a member of the Curious Forge in Nevada City Ca, a makers-space, where she rekindled her love of this craft and began expanding her knowledge. She dreamt of new designs combining metal with stones and beads and it is an evolution that still grows today.  She hopes to inspire others to follow their joy and to connect to the most authentic places within themselves.  When not in the studio Chazlynn can be found hiking, gardening, practicing as a Doula, raising 2 kids, dancing, roller skating, cooking, traveling, and making  the best of this precious life.